What is an Online survey ?

What is an Online Survey ? How can anyone earn from it?

Welcome again Trickers ! This is my second most blog post on Online Surveys and how a noobie (i.e., new ones) can easily earn from it and can make money online. If you don’t know what are Online surveys and how to make money from it, then this is the right place you’ve come to muster some idea about it. Continue reading till the end to become a Survey king/expert (or you can call either). 😉


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 This post is completely related to Online surveys and how can even a least talented person can earn from it. Yeah Yeah! I hear you loud. I’m not here to bore you guys, so not digging further into it, lemme come down straight  to the topic. But wait there! If you already know to earn from Online surveys, then why not give it a quick try. Signing up to a Clixsense account would be very helpful in executing your survey knowledge to generate Online money. If you don’t, then you can continue scrolling. 😉

What is an Online Survey ?


Definition : Online survey is a set of questionnaires that targets the audience to complete over the internet. They are usually created as Webforms and stored in a database to store the answers. Further they may be used with additional softwares to provide analytics.


If the actual definition didn’t get into your head, don’t break your heads. You can Google it if you want (kinda sarcastic here). Chillax! You don’t have to do anything. Why am I here for? I’m gonna clear that for you. Shall I? Okay..


Generally, Online surveys are the set of questions that some of the companies create in order to test their products and to get various opinions among them. They just wanna know that their products are worth enough to be produced at a great extent. Following, they create surveys by the use of Webforms and distribute them to the big survey companies (or maybe small too), to get appropriate answers. Hope this can be understood in accordance with the actual definition. Yes? Okay.. If not, you can definitely google it !


Why do Online surveys ?



Doing Surveys is a piece of cake, but why should anyone do that? Right? If you have read the previous line, you maybe wandering that why should anyone do that. Don’t Google this too. 😉 I’m here to help you with that (not that sarcastic though). So not digging into it further, lets get into the topic.


We, as consumers, need to make sure that the product owners know about their products and create awareness among them. Don’t we? Equally, the companies are also desperate to know about the products they produce. Accordingly, the companies create Surveys and share them to the survey companies. The survey companies plays a very huge role to make their surveys live to the target users. They collect a whopping amount from the product companies to make their survey live, equally the companies don’t stand back as well, they are also ready to invest huge amounts on their projects.


Basically, why should we, the consumers help them ? Yeah. Lot of users have the same thought arising. Coz, by doing online surveys, we will also get benefited and our opinions shall also be raised. We can earn from the surveys, but we cannot depend on them completely to earn our living. Although, we can make some extra income through them (Continue reading to the last to gather knowledge on Surveys completely).


Why not Offline survey instead of Online survey ?



Is it possible to do Offline surveys as well ? Definitely yeah. But we don’t. Why?? The companies invest a lot of money to create surveys and wait for the people’s opinion. Everyone wants their job to be completed at the earliest as possible. Don’t we? Yeah, we are very damn sure about it !


But if the companies start investing on the offline surveys, they need to wait for years and years to get the people’s opinion. Because it takes time to print the forms and distribute to the people living in this planet (like estimating census and blah blah…). Which they don’t want at all, neither anyone is willing to.


Requirements to do online Surveys :


  1. Basic English knowledge, so that they can make out what are they seeking and not to get screened out quickly.
  2. No need of any background experiences (anyone can do this). 😉
  3. A PC with internet connection, or you can do with smartphones too. But the surveys which are designed for bigger screens needs PC to get completed.
  4. Dedicated time and some patience.


That’s it, you’re set to rock and roll if you’ve got those four things. I’m damn sure that everyone are talented enough, else you wouldn’t be landing on this page. 😉


So now, you’ve got an idea about online surveys and how to make quick bucks through it, if you didn’t it’s definitely not for you. Because, these survey sites are kinda very much intelligent as they tend to be, they test their users patience and honesty among their users so that they may not be spammed and be legit.


Now it’s time to make some money, you can create a Clixsense account and opt-in for surveys, because Clixsense is the #1 site to make money online, they have paid nearly $32 million to their members and this again proves that they are legitimate and won’t betray/cheat you.

Stay tuned for my future posts about:


  1. Best paid Survey sites
  2. How to finish a survey quickly
  3. Tricks to get qualified for every Survey
  4. Tricks to not to get screened out, and much more….


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