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Top 7 tricks to get qualified on most of the online surveys (repeated earning trick added)

Top 7 survey tricks

Top 7 tremendous ways to get qualified on most of the online surveys without getting disqualified

Welcome again Trickers ! If you’re frustrated by getting disqualified on most of the online surveys again and again, and if you wanna reduce it to maximum extent, then you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m gonna disclose you that why do most people get disqualified, and how can anyone skyrocket their survey earnings on every survey. So these are the top 7 tricks to get qualified on online surveys again and again(repeated earning trick added). Hope you’ve liked my previous posts on Clixsense and Online survey. They are the best ever must-see topics anyone should know about. If you didn’t see those yet, you can checkout them here :

Why can’t everyone qualify in online surveys?

So here I am. I’m back with my new post, i.e., #to get qualified for most of the Online surveys. Most of the people (including me) try Online surveys to generate quick bucks on their mean time, and who wouldn’t love to ? But they fail every time/most of the times. Why? Are the survey companies doing this ? Ain’t we fit to do Online surveys ? Is Online Surveys fake ? Nah! They are all just myths. So if these are not the actual reasons then why do they fail ?? Why don’t they get qualified ? Why can’t they earn money ? Let me remind, If you don’t know what is an Online survey and how to earn money from it, then checkout #Tricks to earn from Online Surveys. Continue reading till the end to avoid survey disqualifications and to earn money almost on every survey. If you know that as well then why to waste time mate,register to Clixsense (best survey site) account and start making money.

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Why do we get disqualified ?

Disqualification from an online survey can be very frustrating, because it steals an opportunity to earn online which you were working hard and look forward to. I’ve got a bunch of friends who ask me what are the tricks to get qualified on every survey. So you’ve come to the right place, here, I’ll be disclosing the tricks that none are ever disclosed. Are you thinking what I’m thinking ? Okay ! So not digging into it further let’s come down straight to the topic !

Generally, you won’t get qualified for every survey available on the planet, but you can avoid getting disqualified from most of the surveys, following you may succeed to earn money almost from every survey. Most of the beginners try online survey and leave off because they were getting disqualified again and again. Well, it’s not their fault neither the survey site’s. It’s all about how you feed the data on survey portal. Feeding quality data will result in quality surveys and good quality checks that avoids survey disqualification. If you are reading this line, probably you might have read the above paras and continue to read the following. 😉

If you are already aware of these survey tricks and are willing to earn your first $$$ in an online survey portal, then Clixsense will be the perfect choice, because its one of the most trusted and huge survey portal around the globe. Register to Clixsense and make your first dollar online. Or if you don’t know the tricks then continue reading to be a survey monster.

1)  Keep your profile updated

  • The surveys are completely based on your survey profile, you’ll get relevant survey topics according to your survey profile.
  • Keep your profile updated. If something in your life has changed, whether it could be you’ve changed your home address, or moving to a different place or a different country. Whatever it might be, you need to update if something in your life has been updated. 😉
  • Feed relevant information, don’t try to fake your identities/location. Because the survey sites are smart enough to track your location. If any discrepancies, it’ll result in account suspension.

These are the basic requirements of survey profile. If there are no tricks, then what’s the site for ? Chillax! There is even a trick to fill out these profile surveys, to get more surveys, which I’m gonna tell you here (you can thank me later). 😉 So let’s get started.

There are pre-qualification questions which are also known as demographic questions at the beginning of every survey. The demographic questions decides whether you are eligible to take that survey or not. So, if you have read the previous line and have jumped into this line, you might be thinking that anyone who qualifies to answer the demographic questions will make through the surveys as well. Great buddy ! You are absolutely right, nobody will stop you from getting the desired credit available to that particular survey. (If you didn’t think) Well, in that case, you have to read this paragraph again mate. 🙂 Now lets catch up with the next one.

2)  Stick to the demographic answers you previously submitted (main part)

  • I have clearly mentioned in braces that its the main part. Definitely, it is. Didn’t get that ? Okay, let me help you with that.
  • Suppose you have entered your DOB as 1990 in demographic profile, but failed to enter/entered a different DOB in actual survey, then immediately you’ll be knocked outta survey.
  • So the main part is to keeping in mind whatever we feed into the demographic survey profile and proceeding accordingly.
  • If you’ve got these three things, you are set to rock and roll! 😉

3)  Be Honest where you have to be

  • I hope this can be done by most of the beginners. Being honest is the key to qualify for the surveys, in fact the survey portals also tells the same. But being honest completely may get you nothing but disqualified again and again.
  • Oh come on, we all know that we ain’t the guy who we are pretending to be. We are just making money through them, ain’t we? Hell yeah. But, what if we fail to pretend the guy whom they are seeking ? “None other than Disqualification”. So pretend whenever required and be honest at most.
  • Be Honest in giving physical locations, because the survey sites are smart enough to make out that you cannot change your location of about 1000 kilometers overnight. So don’t fake your locations much…but you can fake sometimes.

4)  Don’t kill time

  • We all are desperate to get money in no time. Ain’t we? But this isn’t happening while doing surveys. Yeah, that’s pretty disgusting.
  • Take enough time to understand the questionnaire, then answer it accordingly.
  • Certain surveys are designed to be completed in dedicated time. Exceeding or preceding the time limit may result in disqualification. Make sure that you complete in allocated time.
  • The most important of all, don’t skip questions. Take enough time, read, repeat and execute.

5)  Beware of quality check questions

  • Most of the surveys bug their questionnaire with some quality check questions. They are the set of questions which are added to maintain the quality of the survey.
  • If the user enters any option without reading it properly, it’ll result in survey disqualification.

Quality check questions will be like this :

  1. What is 7+3 ?
  2. This is a quality check question. Enter 2 as answer.
  3. What is the distance between Earth and Jupiter? If you are reading this line please select option 2 as an answer. And much more

They can ask you anyway they wanna ask, but you need to be careful on these quality check questions. Just a little eye-catch and it’ll save you from getting disqualified.

6)  The most important of all (for repeated earnings)…….

  • The survey sites are pretty much challenging when crediting repeated earnings to the same user again and again. They don’t wanna get their survey answered by the same person again and again, so they disqualify for most of the surveys.
  • But I’m gonna reveal you a trick to bypass survey tracking and you can take surveys as much as you want, exclusively on my blog (this trick is nowhere around the internet) that too free. Actually you should get something unique and this site is also named after that (tricks).
  • The survey sites track their user’s performances with the help of their IP address and cookies enabled on their website. So, to earn constantly you need to change your IP address repeatedly. To change your IP address follow the following.

  1. If you are connected through a router, you can reset its connection. Then it’ll change its IP address to a different one.
  2. If you are connected through WiFi hotspot via smartphones, you can switch off your data and then switch on it again to change you IP address.
  3. Now the question arises of clearing cookies as well. Don’t worry, you just need to clear the cookies in your current browser. Because they can also track your survey progress and may disqualify you, when took continuous surveys. Now you are set to do Online surveys with an ease.

7)  Don’t use VPN softwares

  • And the very important part, don’t do surveys with the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Because the survey portals just wanna know that you are the real you.
  • If they discover that you are not the actual you but pretending to be you, they’ll immediately disqualify you from the survey and may lead to account suspension as well.

These are the top 7 mind blowing survey tricks to drive your survey limits to the sky. Following these tricks may lead you to become a survey monster, try at your own risk. 😉

Disclaimer : This is one of the legitimate ways to earn money online, but Tricked Tricks doesn’t guarantee that every user will earn maximum earnings by that. This is just a strategy which will pay off certainly if used it in the way stated above in this post. Try at your own risk and Tricked Tricks is not responsible for any discrepancies created by you.

We give the content that the readers request for. We believe that content is King, nothing else matters..! We are keen to deliver pure content to everybody out there. We are Tricked Tricks.

We’re listening.

Speak your mind in the comments section. Comments would be greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned for my future posts about :

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  2. #Tricks to not to get screened out from a survey.
  3. #Ways to redeem survey credits/points directly to bank account and much more…..

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