(Update)Transfer paytm money to bank instantly for free

Howdy guys, hope you are doing dope with the paytm bank withdrawaltrick that was shared a few days ago on our site exclusively.

But we ain’t talking about the same again, because you all know that you can transfer paytm wallet money to your bank account without any extra charges. But what’s new here..? Peace. You know the deal right, you have to read further.

And the update is that you can now transfer paytm wallet money to your bank account instantly, and that too without any extra fees. That is the most awaited trick that everyone was eagerly waiting for.

How to transfer paytm wallet money to bank account instantly with 0% fees..?

But how will you do that..? How can you transfer your paytm wallet money to bank for free? Is this trick genuine or is a scam like all the other tricks out there..? Then let me tell you something brother(I ain’t Hulk Hogan 😉 ), first of all this ain’t a trick. This is an official method developed by the paytm team.

paytm withdraw - tricked tricks

You don’t have to do any complicated methods or be a technology freak to transfer your paytm money to your bank. Nor this is rocket science that you cannot do at all. This is very easy and a child could also do it (But don’t make a child do it though). 😉

If you have read this Trick to transfer your paytm money to bank, then you would also know that there is an update released by the paytm business team recently which allows you to transfer your paytm money to your bank account instantly. Isn’t that awesome..? I know it is. I ain’t bluffing.

So what do you have to do to get your paytm money in your bank instantly?

  1. First of all download or update Paytm for Business app from play store.
  2. If you have downloaded it for the first time, then create a new Paytm merchant account by filling all the credentials.
  3. Link your KYC documents – PAN card etc..
  4. Get your QR code to get all paytm transactions in one place.
  5. Don’t make multiple paytm merchant accounts for the same mobile number(You cant) nor link your KYC documents for more than 1 merchant accounts.
  6. Then see the bank settlement section to transfer your money to your bank account.

If you can do those 6 steps then why can’t you trasfer your paytm wallet money to your bank..? See, its that simple. Its Damn simple. I told you that even a child can do that. But wait, the child have to have a legal age to do this process. Ultimately they should be atleast 18 years or more. So yeah, a child cannot do it though. 😉

Any more ease from the paytm Business team..?

Oh yeah, the ease. I totally have lost my mind to disclose you that whats the ease involved there. If you are lazy like me to put some effort even to transfer your paytm wallet money to your bank, then you are kinda lucky here. How..? You totally know the deal eh, yeah reading further…

Lazy like me - tricked tricks

Well, thanks to paytm business team that they have integrated the paytm auto-withdraw option. With that said, you can now be fearless about your paytm money. You can just relax and do your other works while your withdrawals are being sent to your bank automatically.

These are the 3 withdrawal options that you can set:

  1. You can set auto withdrawal options once a day, which occurs everyday at 5 AM.
  2. Twice a day(daily at 5 AM and 4 PM).
  3. Thrice a day(daily at 5 AM, 12 PM and 4 PM).

Therefore, as of now, these are the only withdrawal options that you can set for a hassle-free auto withdrawal. But, they can change their preferences anytime they want, who knows…

Final words

This is an official method from which you can transfer all your paytm wallet money to your respective bank account. You don’t have to pay any transaction fees nor any kind of service charge, this method is overall free.

If you are freelance worker and recieve payments through paytm, then this is the best method to redeem all your paytm money to your bank account with 0% charges.

Naiyar Munir


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