How to earn from Clixsense, step by step tutorials!

How to earn from Clixsense and what are the tricks to earn through it?

This is my first ever blog on generating money through Clixsense! If you are wandering over the internet to generate money online or you want a source of decent income, then signing up for Clixsense might be very helpful to you. So, you’ve come to the right place. Go through my blog to understand the working of Clixsense and getting your first dollar online.

What is Clixsense?

By the time you have finished reading the above sentence and jumped into this one ;), let me clear you what is it. Categorically, ClixSense is an online rewarding site that pay its users after completing certain tasks such as Online surveys and Crowd flower tasks (now it has been changed to Figure Eight) etc, etc…

Clixsense tricks step step step
This is how the site looks like, a snap from Clixsense

Why Clixsense?

If you are reading this line, then definitely you have gone through above paragraph. Didn’t you? Okay, I hear you loud…! Why should we do Clixsense and why should anyone? Till the time you read this line, they’ve paid out hundreds of dollars to their users. You can checkout the live payout count from here. You can go through my below lists to quickly muster about Clixsense, and the topic Why should we?

  1. Clixsense pays for your effort and the time invested on completing tasks.
  2. They are very large and worldwide, separating them from online scams and blah..blah!!
  3. They are completely legit and will never disappoint  you.
  4. They pay at the right time so no need to worry about the payment at all. 😉

The company which will not shut down, so your payments wont be delayed. While writing this post, the company had paid off $31,645,812 to their users.

How to make money Clixsensing?

Technically, if you have gone through this line, I believe you have not skipped my above post and will continue through the end (not kinda sarcastic though). 😉

Not digging into it further, let’s start to  make some money!

  1. First of all, create a Clixsense account by registering here.
  2. Then just complete the registering part and all, I believe that you are talented enough to complete those.
  3. After your account is successfully created, you will land on the following page, which displays your Clixsense dashboard.
  4. So, what after creating? Don’t break your heads ! Sit on the couch and relax. 😉 I’m there to help you with that.   You can do surveys to earn a whopping income, if you don’t know what are surveys and how to make money outta surveys, you can google it, or you can go through my surveys page (under construction).
    1. If there are no surveys available for you, you can opt in for these Crowdflower tasks (renamed as Figure Eight) which pays you on completion of their tasks. Figure Eight tasks can be very rewarding experience. If you do these jobs under Clixsense, you can get get additional reward upto 100$ if you are in the list of top task workers. Below is a screenshot of available Figure eight tasks (will appear same till they change the layout). ;-)These are the two most common and fastest ways to earn on Clixsense (followed by me as well).
  5. So what after doing all these earnings? You cannot redeem it to your local bank account. Chillax!! Oh that made my heart beat thrice the times it was. I don’t want your hard earned money  to go in vain neither Clixsense does.

You can cashout your Clixsense balance as soon as it strikes to 10$ (that is quite hard if you are the beginner). It took me almost around a week or something like that to redeem my first cashout. But you can cashout in less time than me, if you are talented enough. These are my history and my first withdrawal to prove that its not a scam.

How to cashout after crossing the threshold balance?

GREAT!! Now that you’ve made your first income online, you can now cashout the remaining balance in Clixsense (i.e., 10$) through below cashout means. These are the international payment apps/websites that are supported by Clixsense.

  • Payza (now removed from Clixsense).You can create a Payza account for international money transfers.

Payza was one of the payment options which can be used to cashout from Clixsense, but the Clixsense developers has removed the payment option of Payza from their website because Payza was dealing with crimes at the U.S Department. So they had taken the initiative of removing Payza from their database.

How long does Payza takes to reflect money to our local bank accounts?

Payza  almost takes 5-10 days to transfer money to our local bank accounts. What if they don’t transfer our hard earned money to our bank account itself ?

You’ve heard it right but they won’t do kinda like that. So take small sips of your coffee while sitting in front of your television, and Chillax! Payza is a reputed company so they won’t steal our money for God’s sake. Even then, if you fell that they are trying to steal your money in any condition, you can drop an email to their official website stating you query. They’ll get back to you within 48 hours or sooner if possible.

If you are not still satisfied with my statement you can checkout my latest statement of Payza redeeming to my local bank account (See up).

Payoneer is an online business service that is used to pay and receive money from any part of the world. You can create a Payoneer account from the above link and register to that to make and receive payments worldwide. Usually they charge a fees maximum upto 4$ while redeeming through Clixsense.

They are considered as the top most security payments site. You can transfer your Payoneer balance if you have the minimum balance in your Payoneer account to transfer it to local bank. So now you believe that Clixsense pays, why not create a Clixsense account?

The company calls itself an e-commerce business that is used to make and receive payments worldwide starting from very low fees.

In order to receive payments through Skrill, you need to get into Skrill by creating one today. They also have great security systems, so that you money hoes to nobody else while you are transferring or receiving it from/to anywhere in the world.

  • Dwolla (for American residents only).

Dwolla is also an online payment site that runs only at America. So if you are an American customer then you can grab Clixsense, because it offers its American users in a unique way. It offers their American customers free money transfers to their bank account. Yes, you heard it right!! Isn’t this a wow offer, So why not Get into Clixsense and start earning from today!

Let me hope that you are not bored, if you read this line. Okay. Great!! Then continue into the next payment options(excluding Tango card).

  • Cheque (Finally we’ve come to an end).

Like Dwolla, this payment is also available for American customers only. The newly created Clixsense account needs to be verified for recieving payments through Cheque.

For verification purpose, they’ll send you your’s first cheque to your postal address. You need to verify that Cheque. Post verification, you’ll get your payment. Usually,you can request for payout at the end of the month on a monthly basis.

The Conclusion (the fun part included)

So you might be scratching your heads (if you’ve gone through the above header) 😉 that what could be the fun part. So let me add to that.

When i was doing Clixsense, I was also struggling very hard to earn my first dollar and you have to as well, till you get the full information about the site, which you’ve got through my blog. Yeah! now don’t thank me. You guys deserve it and I loved to share my experience with you guys as well.

So, I was at the point of struggling with Clixsense. You too need to, at the initial stage. But after you get to know what’s the site about, it’ll be a piece of cake for you to earn money on Clixsense. I’ve got many friends telling that Clixsense is a scam and you won’t get any money from it. But i didn’t care whatsoever. Now, after getting my earnings through Clixsense, I showed it to my friends and they are very desperate to earn their’s now.

PS : If you don’t have at least 2 hours a day to struggle through Clixsense (for beginners only), then its definitely not for you pal. In fact, you have to invest something to get something, right ? Don’t you ?

So the conclusion is that, the people who are asking on Quora and many other sites whether the Clixsense is fake or not. I would simply take a long breath and tell them with a smile, “This is damn true mate !”.

Give it a try…? Try Clixsense now. Believe me. You won’t regret.

Disclaimer : This is one of the legitimate ways to earn money online, but Tricked Tricks doesn’t guarantee that every user will earn maximum earnings by that. This is just a strategy which will pay off certainly if used it in the way stated above in this post. Try at your own risk and Tricked Tricks is not responsible for any discrepancies created by you.

We give the content that the readers request for. We believe that content is King, nothing else matters..! We are keen to deliver pure content to everybody out there. We are Tricked Tricks.

We’re listening.

Speak your mind in the comments section. Comments would be greatly appreciated.

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