About me

Well, there’s no about us section, because there is no us, it’s only me here 😉 .. But with all your love and support, this page can be transformed to about us, and will be.


I, Naiyar Munir Khan, am a B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) stud, who is in his second year. I like to write about the techniques that one can earn his first dollar online, irrespective of their mindset that they can’t earn even a penny, online.

The techniques/strategy that I give here, is personally verified by me, and I give only those techniques which are requested by my readers and which are executed successfully.

If you’ve read the blog posts then you would’ve probably know that,
we give the content that the readers request for. We believe that content is King, nothing else matters..! We are keen to deliver pure content to everybody out there. We are Tricked Tricks.

So, that’s all folks. This page can grow with respect to time when I discover that I’m discovering something. Meanwhile, you can follow us to get every posts via email, facebook or whatever you use to follow to get updates as soon as the post goes live.

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Here’s a snap of myself 😛 , don’t blame me for the bad pic though..

Regards from Naiyar Munir.